Design Thinking Concepts : Journey Maps

In the earlier blogs we discussed about the Stages of Design Thinking, how to use Empathy to connect Empathy Research, how to Define the problem statement, how to Ideate, how to make Prototypes of ideas which can be potential solutions. The final stage involves testing the prototypes with the target users.

In this blog, we will discuss about Journey Maps.

  • Journey Map is a visualisation of experiences
  • A Journey Map helps us with the opportunity to see what’s happening and understand what needs to change.
  • Focussed Journey maps are more meaningful as they help us focus and discover exact opportunities and problems.

Journey Map thus helps in capturing a Persona’s experience. Lets see the Journey map of Frequent traveller Janani.

This journey map for Frequent Traveler Janani highlights the various stages of her business travel experience, both positive and challenging. It provides insights into where improvements can be made to ensure a more seamless and satisfying travel experience, especially during the booking phase. By addressing pain points and enhancing positive aspects, the company can better cater to Janani’s needs and preferences during her frequent business trips.

Design thinking is a 5 stage process which include EmpathyDefineIdeatePrototype & Test. You can go through the different stages in detail.

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