Design Thinking Concepts : Personas

In the earlier blogs we discussed about the Stages of Design Thinking, how to use Empathy to connect Empathy Research, how to Define the problem statement, how to Ideate, how to make Prototypes of ideas which can be potential solutions. The final stage involves testing the prototypes with the target users.

In this blog, we will discuss more about personas.

  • Personas are typical stakeholder profile, who interact with the service/ product/ website/ space in a similar manner
  • Helps to recognize that different people have different needs and expectation
  • Brings focus to real reasons for behaviors and decisions.

Creating Personas

In the context of business travel experience for employees, personas can be like,

Frequent Traveler Janani
She travels extensively and values convenience, efficiency, and personalized experiences.

First-Time Traveler Manu
He is new to international travel and seeks guidance, support, and reassurance.

Budget-Conscious Deepak
He is mindful of costs and prefers cost-effective solutions without compromising comfort.

Persona Maps

Let’s see how the Persona Maps may look for these employees.

For Frequent Traveler Janani, the focus should be on streamlining and personalising the travel booking process, while also addressing the challenges associated with frequent travel, such as fatigue and jet lag. Providing her with efficient and convenient travel arrangements will not only increase her productivity but also contribute to her well-being.

For First-Time Traveler Manu, offering guidance, support, and reassurance is paramount. Manu’s anxieties about international travel can be eased through clear communication, assistance with logistics, and opportunities for cultural exploration. Empowering him to have a successful first international business trip will set a positive foundation for his future travel experiences.

For Budget-Conscious Deepak, balancing cost-effectiveness with comfort is key. Deepak’s role as a financial analyst requires him to find innovative ways to reduce travel expenses without compromising quality. Providing tools and resources to optimize travel expenses and make data-driven decisions aligns with his goals and aspirations.

In the context of designing a seamless travel experience for employees, the Persona Maps for Janani, Manu and Deepak provide valuable insights into the diverse needs, concerns, motivations, interests, and aspirations of these three distinct personas. By understanding the unique characteristics of each persona, we can tailor travel solutions and services to meet their specific requirements and enhance their overall experience during business travel.

Design thinking is a 5 stage process which include EmpathyDefineIdeatePrototype & Test. You can go through the different stages in detail.

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